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Pressure Soft
Wash LLC

Thank you for your interest in having us clean your property! We look forward to serving you. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and registered as a Pressure Washing contractor with the State of WA. We strive to provide 5 star results for all Pressure and Soft Wash needs in the State of WA. For more information call 360-347-6541

Soft & Low Pressure

Soft Wash & Low Pressure Washing for any material that doesn’t withstand high pressure washing. Often times a house exterior only needs a properly mixed and applied pre-treatment and soft-pressure wash and rinse. This protects from damage caused by high pressure washing.

High Pressure

For surfaces that require and withstand higher pressure, we offer High Pressure Washing. Concrete flat-work, driveways, sidewalks, patios etc. We pre-treat for organic growth such as algae and mold, and train our team in the proper use of our attachments and tools. We want all of our customers to have the best experience

Special Requests

We have packages to help you price your house and driveway washing service. If you have questions about washing something other than exterior walls, patios, porches, and concrete, don’t hesitate to call us! We are always willing to discuss your cleaning needs; and select appropriate procedures for your special job.

Recent Work

Pressure Soft Wash LLC is based in Western Washington; we often enjoy cleaning in the Central Park, Aberdeen, Elma, Ocean Shores areas, and we’re willing to go where we’re needed. We clean all exterior walls up to 3 stories. Vinyl, Wood, Concrete, Rock, Stone, Stucco, and more. We clean flat-work such as driveways and walkways. We clean decks and patios. We use custom pre-treatments for your organic growth and soil levels, and apply the appropriate pressure to clean your property. Some washing it is only appropriate to apply very little pressure, we call this soft washing.

Important Considerations:

We love to talk to serious customers! don’t hesitate to call or send us a message so we can go over your detailed needs! Some of the things we consider with each job include:


We use a variety of specialized chemicals to accomplish a thorough cleaning result on every job. Sometimes we just need one simple organicide, and a surfactant to keep it from drying too fast, and we’re OFF safely cleaning around your entire property, avoiding damage to pets people and property. Other jobs might have a specific stain that requires a more special mixture on that area, to safely and effectively remove that stain. And occasionally no matter how well we do cleaning, our customers surfaces were simply already damaged and will never look new without restoration. in some cases we offer restoration, such as gray and sun-bleached wood, or oxidation removal from a vinyl or metal roof, in other cases we will have to refer you to another kind of restoration expert.

Pets, People, and Property Safety

Please consult with our office about doors and windows, as well as pet preparation and any children in your area that might want to be outside while we’re washing.

Pressure Soft Wash LLC has procedures and practices that help protect you and your loved ones. We rely on your communication to help us plan ahead for a smooth cleaning appointment.


We schedule cleaning Monday through Friday. Click Here to schedule online, or Call Now: 360-347-6541.

Office Hours

This is a dirty aggregate concrete drivewayA very Clean Aggregate Driveway!