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About Us

Pressure Soft Wash LLC was started in early 2021 to answer the need for organic growth removal from the surfaces of our homes and our driveways, gutters and exterior walls.

Samuel Beresford has his roots in retail and business to business sales and customer relations, as well as online presence management. He has university education in computer networks, and enjoys hunting gourmet mushrooms and spending time outdoors with his family and friends. Pressure washing was never a passion of his, although he enjoyed playing with the water hose as a kid, who didn’t. Rather Samuel has discovered one of the secrets of our universe. You can make ANYTHING your passion. He was once 480 pounds and has since lost around 200 pounds and learned how to be a lot healthier in his habits, mental health, and diet. If you ask him, he’ll tell you without Jesus he wouldn’t be breathing air. But if you want tips how to be healthier ask what worked for him!

Blue, aka Andrew Williams, also has extensive roots in retail, as well as warehouse, detailing cars, janitorial professional services, and customer service. He coaches and plays basketball and has a teenage son who is very skilled at basketball and other sports. Family and friends, spending time outside, and making sure everyone has a good time are some of his passions. Reliable, Loyal to a fault, and Passionate about the people he meets and the family he holds close. You may not notice him doing everything because he works quickly and efficiently. I can’t count the times some remarked that they turned around, and suddenly everything was just clean! Blue has found a secret of the universe, if you manage your rest, and the energy you exercise, you’ll have more energy available when it matters. Ask him for tips! A passionate sportsman and chess master, he will go toe to toe with about anyone in almost every sport or game. Just don’t threaten him with a good time!

Pressure Soft Wash LLC has carefully built this business to serve our customers with more safety, quality of service, and the protection and restoration of our customers property. We carefully vet all our crew-members to ensure the safety of your home, and your peace of mind.

Our mission is to always communicate clearly, and hear our clients needs and expectations. This sometimes includes asking about past experiences, or your biggest most important expectations, along with concerns you may have about the service you are seeking.

We always try our best to communicate with customers anytime we have a concern.

We thank our customers for their support. Pressure Soft Wash LLC is a locally owned business in Lewis County Washington State.

Our office always wants to hear praise and disappointment, honestly and directly. We stand behind our work. If you have any issues with anything we have done, please contact us immediately so we can have a conversation about your experience. 360.347.6541

  • Blue and Sam tackle a VERY clogged gutter! SATISFYING
  • Blue and Sam, Cleaning Professionals, Gotta get dirty to get it clean sometimes!
  • Good day for Pressure Soft Wash LLC we're licensed, bonded, and fully insured to protect, clean, and restore your property. Standing proud in front of the first company asset.
  • Blue and Samuel of Pressure Soft Wash LLC are attentive, charismatic, kind, conscientious, detail oriented, and reliable. You want this kind of team cleaning for you. That's why we're licensed, bonded, insured, and utilize the best in industry standards to clean and restore your property. Call today for an honest custom quote for any Roof Cleaning, House washing, Driveway detailing, as well as wood and vinyl restoration, and even rust removal!
  • This cleaning crew is HAPPY about the Taco Bell Mexican Pizza coming back in 2022! We were GRUBBING on that nostalgia, Thank you Yum! Co!
  • Spending time with the next generation is important. Pressure Soft Wash LLC does everything we do for family.
  • Every business has a serious side and a fun side. We charge our clients for the comedy, the cleaning is just a bonus.
  • Enjoy the work you do, and your work performance is MUCH better. Pressure Soft Wash LLC knows that our work life balance directly affects how clean your home is! We have a wonderful team of motivated and well maintained cleaning professionals, standing by to serve you! Our schedule fills up fast, so schedule your cleaning appointment today!
  • On the way to clean. Looking mean, to scare the green off your siding. Pressure Soft Wash LLC is educated on the best treatments and stain removal techniques to protect your property. We don't just pray and spray, we thank God for the knowledge and ability to apply to our profession. There is no such thing as easy magic. So we work hard to achieve the best results for every client! Did I mention we're licensed, bonded and insured?
  • Blue and Samuel are the leaders of Pressure Soft Wash LLC We make sure every job goes smoothly no matter who is washing for you! Pressure Soft Wash LLC: Big enough to handle it, small enough to care.